10 Surprising Ways to Make Extra Money from Home

Are you looking for new ways to earn extra cash? With inflation and rising costs, finding creative side hustles from home is key. There are many online income ideas that can easily fit into your daily life. These options cater to different skills and interests, offering flexible ways to make more money.

Key Takeaways

  • Freelance writing can earn you around $75 per article, with potential earnings ranging from $10 to $500+1.
  • YouTube channels can generate approximately $50 in advertisement revenue per day with videos published every 2 to 3 weeks2.
  • Etsy simplifies the selling process for various products, from apparel to home goods2.
  • Remote jobs have surged, noted by a 28% increase in part-time listings on FlexJobs3.
  • Print-on-demand shops like Redbubble offer over 100 products for selling unique designs2.

Freelance Writing for Blogs and Websites

Freelance writing for blogs and websites is a great way to work from home. Many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com offer lots of freelance writing jobs. With more people wanting online content, these jobs are in high demand.

How to Get Started

To start freelance writing, make a detailed profile on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com. It’s key to know what skills are wanted, like SEO skills, to attract clients. Writing for FlexJobs can also help as they only list remote and flexible jobs4. TextRoyal lets you work when you want and where you want, with no fee to join5.

Potential Earnings and Timing

Freelance writing can pay well, with some writers making over $100 an hour for their skills. It might take time to get established, but you can get paid right away when a client accepts your work. With TextRoyal, you can earn once you hit a $10 threshold5. Freelancers also have options like grant writing6. In 2020, many writers worked as freelancers, with most being self-employed4.

Tips for Success

To succeed in freelance writing, try different types of writing like ghostwriting, blogging, and SEO writing6. Having a special area you focus on is key6. Set up a professional business using PayPal or And.co for your invoices6. Also, show off your skills with blog posts on your own website6.

  1. Create a detailed profile on major platforms
  2. Understand current market rates
  3. Develop SEO skills
  4. Utilize multiple types of writing projects
  5. Maintain consistency in branding across social media

Freelance writing is a great chance for those willing to improve their skills and show them off. Using FlexJobs and TextRoyal can really help45.

Platform Special Features
FlexJobs Hand-screened job listings for remote jobs4
TextRoyal No registration fee, flexible hours, earnings from $10 threshold5

Test Websites and Apps

Looking for side hustles from home can be exciting, especially with user experience testing. Sites like UserTesting.com let you earn over $500 in a few months by doing tests that last from 5 minutes to an hour7. You can make about $10 for each test, making it a good way to earn extra8. You can quickly add up your earnings, getting $10 for every 20-minute recording and up to $60 for feedback9.

Platforms like IntelliZoom Panel and Userfeel offer different pay, from $2 for simple surveys to $10 for videos, and Loop11 pays well for website testing8. TestingTime even offers up to €50 per hour8. UserTesting makes sure you get paid for your tests 14 days after you finish them7.

To start testing websites and apps from home, you don’t need much. If you use Windows, you’ll need 1 GB of RAM, 600MB free RAM, and 7 GB of disk space7. If you’re on iOS, you just need 400MB of space and your battery should be at least 20% charged. Android users need OS 10.0 or higher and at least 400MB of space7.

People love using platforms like UserTesting for their side hustles from home. It offers fun and profitable ways to test experiences7. Plus, you get paid directly without any taxes taken out, so you can handle your taxes yourself7.

Platform Payment per Test Test Duration
UserTesting $10 20 minutes
IntelliZoom Panel $2 – $10 Varies
Userfeel $10 10-20 minutes
TestingTime €50 Hourly
Loop11 Above-average Varies

Leverage AI Tools

AI tools have changed the game for freelancers working from home. They make tasks easier, boost productivity, and help create AI content. Using these tools can lead to success for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

AI Tools You Can Use

Big names like Amazon, Apple, and Disney ask their teams to work in the office some days, but remote work is still going strong. This is thanks to AI tools that make work better and help with talking to others10. Tools like Teal, Resume.io, and Rezi help people make better resumes and cover letters, which gets them more job interviews11. These tools are changing the job hunt by letting people apply to many jobs at once, making finding a job easier11.

Integrating AI as a Freelancer

AI tools help manage work, assign tasks, and keep track of progress. This makes working from home more efficient12. Freelancers can use AI to make content creation easier, which helps with communication and boosts productivity10. AI also makes remote work fit what each person needs, making it more comfortable and helping them work better12.

Teaching AI Tools

Teaching others about AI tools can be a way to earn more money. Freelancers can create lessons and resources to help people learn about AI10. AI can predict when work will be busy and suggest the best times to work, making remote work smoother12. Plus, AI is great at doing the boring tasks, so freelancers can focus on the creative work. It also keeps their work safe and private10.

Take Surveys for Money

Online surveys can help you earn money with little effort. Many platforms let you share your opinions and get rewards. This way, you help brands and companies while making some extra cash.

Swagbucks is a top choice for survey takers. You can get a $3 gift card with just 300 points13. Since starting in 2008, it has paid out over $550 million14. It’s trusted by many, with high ratings on the App Store and Google Play15.

Survey Junkie is another great option. You get 25 bonus points just for signing up and 50 points for answering basic questions13. By doing three surveys a day, you could earn about $40 a month14. It’s safe and reliable, with a B rating from the Better Business Bureau and over 20 million members15.

Opinion Outpost offers higher rewards, paying out $390,000 for over three million surveys monthly14. You can earn points for gift cards or PayPal cash from anywhere in the world13. MyPoints also offers a $5 bonus for new users and you can get a $15 gift card with just 2,500 points13.

InboxDollars has been around since 2006 and has paid out more than $80 million15. It’s a reliable way to make money with your free time.

Branded Surveys is known for its 4.1-star Trustpilot rating from over 82,000 reviews15. It gives 100 points for signing up and has paid over $44 million to its members13. This shows its trustworthiness and dedication to its users.

While online surveys won’t make you rich fast, they offer a simple way to earn money. They require little effort or time, making them a good option for extra income.

Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog. By working with networks like CJ Affiliate or Amazon Associates, you can turn your blog visitors into income sources. This guide will show you how to set up your blog, pick the right affiliates, and increase your earnings.

Setting Up Your Blog

First, make sure your blog looks good and is easy to use. Create content that keeps readers coming back. Aim to make $250 in the first month and write 5 blog posts to start16. Use social media tools like Tailwind to grow your audience from 40,000 to over 1,000,000 views a month16. Use Pinterest and Instagram to get more people to see your posts16.

Choosing the Right Affiliates

Pick affiliate programs that fit your audience. Amazon’s affiliate program offers commissions from 3% to 10%, making it a good choice for many bloggers17. Some bloggers earn over $1,000 a month with Amazon by smartly adding affiliate links18. Choose products you love and use. Amazon bounties, which pay $3-$5 per sign-up, can also increase your earnings18.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Getting more people to visit your blog is key to making money with affiliate marketing. Mix product-focused posts with other content to keep readers interested and boost affiliate earnings18. Offering services can also help increase your blog’s income16. Successful affiliate marketers suggest using 1-2 affiliate links per post, knowing your audience, and using Pinterest and Instagram to get more traffic16. Using sponsored posts with ‘no follow’ links follows Google’s rules and avoids search result downgrades17.

Adding Amazon native ads to popular posts can also help increase your affiliate income18.

Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Starting a home-based business by selling crafts online is easier now thanks to platforms like Etsy. Etsy lets artisans show their work to people all over the world. This opens up more chances for sales and networking.

Using Etsy to sell crafts online means you can reach a wide audience. It lets you work from home, which is what many creators want. This trend shows how online marketplaces are changing the way we sell crafts19.

sell crafts online

Etsy helps its sellers with many benefits. These include good pay, bonuses, and lots of benefits like paid leave and health perks20. The 30 Days Away program lets workers choose where they work, showing Etsy’s support for flexibility21.

To do well on Etsy, you need to set up your shop right. List your products in a way that grabs attention. Use great photos and clear descriptions to draw in buyers. This hard work can lead to great success, thanks to Etsy’s big customer base.

Etsy also cares about diversity, equity, and being green. It supports sellers who focus on these values. This approach wins over today’s careful consumers20.

With these strategies and benefits, selling on Etsy can lead to a thriving home business. It also offers a chance to work in a way that’s good for the planet and flexible for you.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring jobs are a great way for those with subject expertise to teach remotely. They can share their knowledge in subjects like math, languages, and test prep with students all over the world. Tutors can choose to work from 5 to 29 hours a week, fitting their schedules and making the most of their time22.

Subjects and Expertise

To become an online tutor, you need a strong background in the subjects you want to teach. For example, those wanting to tutor Algebra should have a bachelor’s degree and over three years of experience. SAT-Test Prep tutors also need a similar background23. Tutors in subjects like Geometry and Calculus can earn $25.00 USD per hour23. They can also work with over 5000 students in just 18 months22. Companies like StudyPoint, founded in 1999, show how crucial subject expertise is in the tutoring world24.

Finding Clients

There are many platforms that help tutors connect with clients online. Sites like this one offer lots of remote teaching jobs. The need for online tutoring went up by up to 300% during the pandemic, showing how much students need help24. Tutors can even take on extra sessions anytime, making sure they don’t have to chase after payments from clients22. Platforms like Tutor.com are available 24/7 for both tutors and students22.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

For animal lovers, pet sitting jobs are a great way to make money with pets.

The job starts as a part-time gig, growing to 15-30 hours a week25. New sitters get jobs close to where they live, about 5 miles away25.

pet sitting services

In Houston, TX, dog walkers earn $10.00 an hour on average26. There are 3 jobs in Houston, TX26. Jobs are in places like Spring, Baytown, and others26. You can also show off your experience by adding pictures to your Care.com profile26.

In Colorado Springs, you can make up to $3000 a month27. New hires get a sign-on bonus up to $60027. You need at least two years of animal care experience27. The business has been around for 24 years and values animal emotional needs27.

Start by joining platforms like dog walking jobs to find jobs easily. These platforms offer a variety of pet care services26.

To apply, you need a smartphone, a reliable car, and be 21 or older25. You must pass a background check25. You also need to work mid-day, on holidays, and commit for a year25.

Pet sitting offers flexible hours, perfect for part-time or full-time work27. You’ll get a 5% raise after 6 months27. But, it’s a demanding job that requires hard work and dedication27.

Being reliable and committed to vacation care is key25. This means visiting pets in the morning, afternoon, evening, and sometimes overnight25. If you’re up for the challenge, earning money with pets can be very rewarding.

Print-on-Demand Shops

The print-on-demand business model is a great way to make money. You can sell custom designs on things like clothes, mugs, and more without keeping inventory. Using platforms like Printful helps with order fulfillment and can lead to passive income.

Creating Your Designs

Creating unique and trendy designs is key to selling in a print-on-demand business. Sites like Printful help sellers by taking care of production. This lets you focus on making cool designs28. Being able to try out different designs and follow market trends makes this business model exciting29.

Setting up Your Shop

Starting your online store doesn’t have to be expensive. You can set up an eCommerce store in the print-on-demand field for less than $10029. Printful has six fulfillment centers and over 800 workers worldwide, making sure your orders are handled fast28. They also have a smart way of making products only when they’re ordered, which saves money and reduces waste28.

Marketing Your Products

Marketing is key to a successful print-on-demand shop. Using social media and SEO can help make your shop more visible. Printful’s global setup helps your designs reach more people29.


Working from home offers many ways to make extra money and gain financial freedom. You can try freelance writing, crafting, or online tutoring. These jobs are flexible and can pay well. By mixing creativity with planning, you can make a successful side hustle.

Working from home has many perks. For example, you can save about $4,000 a year by cutting down on gas, car upkeep, and work clothes30. It also means less time stuck in traffic and more time doing what you love30. Companies can save around $11,000 a year for each employee who works from home30.

Working from home is also good for the planet. With 3.9 million employees working from home half the time, it cut down on greenhouse gases like taking 600,000 cars off the road30. During the pandemic, remote work saved 3 million tons of greenhouse gases and $980 million in oil costs30. Telecommuting is changing the way we work, offering a chance for financial freedom, a healthier planet, and happiness.


What are some surprising ways to make extra money from home?

Surprising ways include freelance writing, testing websites, using AI tools, taking surveys, affiliate marketing, selling crafts on Etsy, online tutoring, pet sitting, and running print-on-demand shops.

How do I get started with freelance writing for blogs and websites?

Start by creating an online profile on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com. Make your profile stand out. Learn about market rates and focus on skills like SEO.

What can I expect to earn from freelance writing, and how long does it take to start making money?

Earnings vary a lot. It might take time to get your first job, but experienced writers can earn over 0 an hour. With effort and skill improvement, you’ll get better-paying jobs over time.

What are some tips for success in freelance writing?

Focus on specific areas, keep improving your writing and SEO skills, and build a strong portfolio. Network with clients and other writers. Always deliver quality work on time.

How can I earn money by testing websites and apps?

Use sites like UserTesting.com to give feedback on websites and apps. You get paid for your feedback. You need a computer, internet, and to pass a test to start.

What AI tools can I use to generate income from home?

Use content creation software, marketing tools, and product design tools. Knowing these can help you make money through freelance work or starting your own business.

How can I integrate AI into my freelance work?

Use AI for creating products, editing content, and marketing. Knowing how to use AI can make you more productive and please your clients.

What are the advantages of teaching AI tools to others?

Teaching AI can be an extra way to earn. As AI becomes more common, many professionals need training. This offers a good chance for freelancers who know AI well.

How can taking surveys online help me earn extra income?

Take surveys on sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie for extra cash or gift cards. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time, making it a simple way to earn.

How can I set up and monetize my blog with affiliate links?

Create a blog, make it interesting, and build an audience. Work with affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate or Amazon Associates. Use content and social media to get more visitors and earn from sales.

What are the steps to selling crafts on Etsy?

Open an Etsy shop, list your crafts, and promote them to buyers. Success means making crafts people want and using Etsy to reach customers worldwide.

What subjects are in demand for online tutoring?

Math, languages, and test prep are always needed. If you’re an expert in these areas, you can find students and offer tutoring services.

How can I find clients for online tutoring?

Use online tutoring sites or ask friends for referrals. Being known for good teaching can help you get more students and steady work.

How can I start offering pet sitting and dog walking services?

Network in your area or use online platforms to meet pet owners. Make sure your home is pet-friendly. Consider insurance for extra safety.

What is involved in creating a print-on-demand shop?

Design products, set up a shop on Printful, and market it to attract customers. This way, you can sell custom items without keeping inventory, earning passive income.

How do I market my print-on-demand products effectively?

Use social media, SEO, and ads to bring people to your shop. Talk to potential customers and show off your designs to increase sales.

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