How Do I Get The Eye Icon On TikTok?- Step-by-Step Guide

Users of TikTok can check who has viewed their profile in the past week by clicking the eye icon. The profile view count is indicated by the icon, which is a yellow eye with a number inside. Users must manually enable the eye icon in their settings because it is not enabled by default.

Once the eye icon is activated, touching the icon will allow you to see who has viewed your profile. Every 24 hours, the list of watchers will be updated.

It is significant to remember that not all users have access to the eye icon. The feature might only be available on TikTok to specific individuals or in particular areas. Additionally, if you have a private account, the eye icon might not be accessible.

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Why Should I Have an Eye Icon On TikTok?

You may check who has recently viewed your profile on TikTok by clicking on the eye icon. You must enable it in your settings because it is not enabled by default.

You could desire the eye icon on TikTok for the following reasons:

  • To find out who is considering your profile. You can use this to find possible colleagues and followers.
  • To monitor your development. You may gauge how well your account is doing by looking at the number of individuals who are browsing your profile.
  • To find out who your rivals are. You can check who is looking at the profiles of other creators in your niche by clicking the eye icon if you are a creator. You can remain on top of trends by doing this.

Steps to  Get The Eye Icon On Tiktok:

You can view the last 30 days’ worth of profile views on TikTok by clicking the eye icon. You must enable it in your privacy settings as it is not enabled by default.

Follow these instructions to get the eye icon on TikTok:

  • TikTok should be opened, and you should log in.
  • In the bottom right corner, tap the profile symbol.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three dots.
  • Tap Privacy and Settings.
  • Click Privacy.
  • Profile views, tap.
  • Turn on “View History” for Your Profile.

You won’t have the option to enable profile view history if you are under 16 years old or have more than 5,000 followers.

 Reasons Why You Might Not See The Eye Icon On Tiktok

  • Your area does not have access to the functionality. TikTok frequently releases new features to various locations at various times. If you don’t see the eye icon, the feature might not yet be accessible in your area.
  • The software you are using is an old version. Make sure the TikTok app is installed in its most recent version. By searching for “TikTok” in the App Store or Google Play Store, you may see if there have been any changes.
  • You have disabled the history of profile views. In your TikTok settings, you can disable the history of profile views. Go to your profile and click or touch on the three dots in the top right corner to accomplish this. Choose “Settings and privacy” next, then press “Privacy.” Uncheck the option next to “Show profile view history” under “Profile.”
  • You are no longer permitted to view the history of profile views. If users breach the platform’s rules of service, TikTok may prevent them from viewing the history of their profile views. Contact TikTok support if you believe you have been banned or if you need assistance.

How to Troubleshoot this Issue:

If you’ve looked over everything and the eye icon is still not visible, you can try restarting your device or logging out and back into TikTok. You can ask for assistance from TikTok support if it doesn’t work.

Here are some other suggestions to aid with problem-solving:

  • Make sure the proper account is the one you are logged into.
  • Use a different device if possible.
  • For the TikTok app, clear the cache and data.
  • Reinstall the TikTok application.

If you’ve tried all of these solutions and the eye icon is still not visible, there may be a fault with the TikTok app. You can contact TikTok support in this situation to report the bug.

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In conclusion, the eye icon on TikTok allows users to track who has viewed their profiles in the past week, providing valuable insights into their audience and engagement. However, it’s important to note that not all users have access to this feature, and enabling it is not always straightforward, depending on factors such as location, age, and follower count. Troubleshooting steps can help resolve issues with the eye icon’s visibility. Ultimately, this feature can be a useful tool for creators and users looking to better understand their TikTok audience.

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