25 Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives in 2024

Google AdSense, the largest display advertising program on the web, appears on more than 3.6 million websites.

Many start-ups choose AdSense as their advertising platform of choice because they appreciate its integration into the Google ecosystem and the ease with which it can be used. AdSense is popular, but it has several shortcomings that make many publishers look elsewhere.

Some of these include less-than-expected payments, ad-quality issues that may impact the user’s experience, and problems with loading speed after implementation.

AdSense is not the only option available to publishers looking to monetize content. Many are also searching for alternatives, such as AdSense, which offer better rates, more flexible pricing, ad technologies, increased visibility and minimal UX impacts.

Here’s a list of our top AdSense alternatives:. We’ve evaluated them based on factors such as the niche, traffic requirement, payout, and integration ease with publisher websites.

Need of Google AdSense Alternatives

AdSense has low barriers to entry and is simple to use. This makes it ideal for smaller and mid-sized publishers who have limited resources and technical expertise. It has a few disadvantages.

adsense ads

There are many reasons why publishers seek Google AdSense alternatives.

1. A narrow range of Ad Types

AdSense can be a good advertising network for newbies, but its quality of ads and selection leave a lot to be desired. Google AdSense, for example, does not permit popunder ads.

2. Limit Ad Customisation

Google, a huge corporation, doesn’t offer the best solution to small, medium-sized and niche publishers.

AdSense is not the only alternative. Some AdSense alternatives are also specialized in contextual advertising, and they even tailor their solutions to meet publishers’ needs. Some networks assign account executives who conduct website audits and find the most suitable solution to meet a publisher’s specific needs.

AdSense is a monolithic program that makes it difficult to customize and pay attention to details.

3. Limit Revenue Potential

AdSense, which is essentially a self-served program, leaves publishers on their own to optimize web pages in order to maximize ad revenue.

Alternatives will optimize the ad placement to maximize revenue on each page without disrupting UX.

4. Share of Revenue

AdSense is popular, so it can charge a higher percentage of revenue. Publift, for example, takes 20% of the ad revenues, while AdSense is 32%.

5. Customers are not supported

Customer support for Google AdSense is completely nonexistent. If publishers run into technical problems with their ads they are limited to Google’s online resources.

6. The Risk of being Banned

Google AdSense adheres to strict policies that protect and prevent click fraud. AdSense, for example, requires that ads should not draw unnatural attention towards themselves.

Many publishers end up in violation of these requirements, which can result in the suspension or termination of their AdSense accounts and loss all earnings.

Publishers should explore alternatives to AdSense. Not only to replace it, but also to maximize ad revenues.

AdSense alternatives can help you put the performance of your ads in perspective and discover new methods to maximize your revenue and CPM.

25 Highest-Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2024

Here’s our list of the 25 best Google AdSense alternatives:

1. Taboola

2. PropellerAds

3. Infolinks

4. Monumetric

5. Media.net

6. Revcontent

7. SHE Media

8. BidVertiser

9. BuySellAds

10. ylliX

11. Sovrn

12. Mediavine

13. Raptive

14. Adcash

15. Setupad

16. PopAds

17. Criteo

18. Dianomi


20. Index Exchange

21. Inskin

22. Kargo

23. OpenX

24. PubMatic

25. Magnite

adsense alternatives ads networks


Taboola has one of the most extensive content discovery platforms and native ad networks around the globe. Over 9,000 publishers, 15,000 advertisers, and more than 500,000,000 daily active users are served by the platform. It produces 500,000 recommendations per second after processing 100TB of data each day.

Taboola has a reputation in the advertising industry for boosting brand recognition across multiple platforms through native placements.

Taboola is unique in that it allows you to optimize your paid acquisition by pageRPM, and increase revenue per visit. The audience exchange helps to drive targeted traffic both for your site and that of your partners.

Taboola can be used by publishers to communicate specific messages to their target audiences. Taboola is also a great way to add new revenue streams to your current strategy.

Taboola is easily integrated by adding code to a site’s footer or header.

Minimum payout Taboola doesn’t disclose this information publicly.

Minimum Traffic Requirements Taboola doesn’t disclose this information to the public.

Good for : Publishers looking to expand their reach across the globe and find audiences who are responsive to personalized, targeted ads

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds provides self-serve advertising layouts for desktop websites, mobile applications, and mobile sites.

Ad Network has been the leader of pop-under ads for many years and now offers banners, video ads, and native ads.

PropellerAds is a leader in affiliate marketing and utilizes machine-learning algorithms to improve ad deliveries and revenue for publishers.

PropellerAds integration is simple. Publishers simply add the code to their site’s body or header.

PropellerAds doesn’t have an eligibility requirement for minimum traffic, which makes it a great alternative to Google AdSense for new bloggers.

Minimum payout: $5

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

is good for new publishers who want to include pop-unders and non-targeted advertisements

3. InfoLinks

Infolinks focuses on contextual advertising and offers a proprietary real-time context technology that can identify user intent in order to increase engagement on the pages of its over 25,000 website partners.

Infolinks displays relevant ads in the text of publisher websites by analysing their content. The company offers a variety of ad types, such as in-text ads, frames, folds, and tags.

Over 350,000 websites use it, and its advertisements are viewed by 1.5 billion people each month.

Infolinks is open to all online publishers without any setup costs and only requires “modest” minimum page views or visitor requirements.

Infolinks offers publishers a cut of 65% on ad revenues.

Minimum payout: $50

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

Publishers seeking in-text ads will benefit.

4. Monumetric

Monumetric is a platform that focuses on measuring every aspect of ad performance. Monumetric is the result. The software provides a detailed performance timeline for publishers, customizable reporting periods, revenue sorting by ad types, impressions measurement by ad units, etc.

Publishers are paid per impression rather than per click, which allows them to make money when their visitors view ads.

Monumetric allows publishers to run a variety of ads, such as display, video, and native ads. The header bidding feature is easily integrated with publisher sites by simply adding code to the header.

Monumetric offers four different programs to monetize client websites based on monthly pageviews. The four programs are:

  • Propel : For new or small publishers with between 10,000 to 80,000 page views per month. Setup and optimization for the publisher account requires a $99.00 one-time fee.
  • Ascend Publishers gets between 80,000 and 500,000 monthly page views. The publishers can enjoy a custom ad campaign without any additional charges.
  • Stratos: Publishers with monthly page views of between 500,000 and 10,000,000. These publishers are entitled to premium features as well as a team dedicated to managing operations, advanced data reporting, testing, and management.
  • Apollo Publishers, with more than 10,000,000 monthly views, can access a team of dedicated professionals to offer consultation services and manage advertising campaigns.

Minimum payout: $10

Minimum monthly traffic requirements: 10,000 page views

Good news for: Publishers who are medium and established and want to include targeted impressions and ads

5. Media.net

media.net ranks among the five biggest ad technology companies in the world. The access it provides to Yahoo! is its strongest differentiation. Bing is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense.

Media.net, a well-known ad network that has existed since 2010, provides contextual advertising for publishers. Media.net is a popular ad network that has been around since 2010. It provides contextual advertising to publishers.

This marketplace offers advertisers access to content-driven, high-profile publishers. It also provides a variety of ad formats, such as text ads and contextual ads.

Media.net is the first company to have developed a header bid platform that optimizes yield while maintaining the user experience.

Minimum payout: $100

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 50 000 monthly views

It is good for publishers who want to include display ads and native ads. Overall, it is the closest to Google AdSense.

6. Revcontent

Revcontent blurs the line between readers and purchasers by offering personalized and relevant recommendations for content to their readers. This can lead to more engagement and more advertisers. It works with publishers who have over 50,000 monthly viewers.

RevContent is a content recommendation specialist. The software uses machine-learning technology and advanced algorithms to identify user interests and behaviors. It then delivers content that is tailored for each reader.

Publishers only have to add a single code line to their website in order to integrate RevContent. Revcontent allows publishers to run a variety of ads, such as native ads or display ads.

The company is known for the high-quality traffic it generates and its anti-fraud policies. It works with premium publishers such as Newsweek and the New York Observer.

RevContent is said to handle more than 250 billion recommendations of content each month. However, the application process for publishers can be quite rigorous and includes a manual evaluation in order to make sure your website publishes quality content.

Minimum payout: $50

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 50–80,000 views per month

is good for high-traffic websites looking to include native ads, mobile ads, and video ads

7. SHE Media

The SHE Media is a network that’s geared towards women. It welcomes publishers who have sites that cater to female audiences.

SHE Media’s traffic requirements are lower than those of other advertising networks. The minimum requirement is 20,000 monthly viewers. SHE Media may approve websites with less traffic if the sites have interesting content and publish regularly and often, as well as strong growth potential.

The sites must be at least 90 days old, brand-safe, with an increased percentage of traffic from the US, and no higher than 5% in terms of IVT.

SHE Media allows publishers to run sponsored posts, display ads, and create sponsored content. SHE Media’s integration is easy. Publishers simply need to register on their site, enter the website address, and then implement the SHE Media ad codes.

SHE Media expects exclusive rights to your desktop and mobile ad inventories, although affiliate links and banners will be accepted.

Minimum payout: $20

Minimum Traffic Requirement: 20 000 page views per Month

Women content creators are a good fit for

8. BidVertiser

Bidvertiseris a network of direct advertisers that allows publishers to offer ad space directly to the highest bidders.

The biggest publishers will benefit the most from this method, as advertisers are more likely to want their ads on credible websites. This might not be the best way to monetize your site if you are a brand new publisher.

Ad formats such as direct navigation, popunders, notifications on pages, native ads, injections, and push notifications are used by Bidvertiser.

BidVertiser uses a direct bidding process, which means there is no publisher approval.

This popular advertising network serves over 450 million ads per day across 78.522 websites within the network in 196 different countries.

It is easy to integrate BidVertiser into websites. Publishers simply need to sign up, create their account, and generate the ad codes.

BidVertiser offers a payment for conversions as well as clicks.

Minimum payout: $10

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

Good For: Publishers who prefer bidding campaigns system and want to add smart links, banner ads and pop-ups.

9. BuySellAds

buySellAds, a contextual advertising platform that is somewhere in between a self service platform and fully automated solution. BuySellAds is a platform where publishers and advertisers can sign up. It then tries to match the two.

Advertisers can preview the information that publishers share with their platform. Advertisers can buy advertising spots if the statistics are impressive. The publisher is responsible for accepting or rejecting ads. Publishers are encouraged to accept ads that complement their content.

Platforms act as virtual middlemen, and charge a service fee of 25% for each successful transaction.

BuySellAds offers a variety of ad types, including native ads, ads, podcast ads and display ads. Its strength is its ability to monetize websites, as well as help podcasters and newsletter creators find the best advertisers.

This is an ad-network that’s popular, particularly for sites with a high level of traffic. It is simple to integrate BuySellAds into websites. Publishers simply need to sign up, enter their website address, create ad zone, and paste the BuySellAds ad codes on their site.

Minimum payout: $20

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 10 000 page views per Month

is good for popular website owners who want to include content ads, audio ads, or email advertisements. From renowned advertisers

10. ylliX

The ylliX platform was created to solve two common AdSense problems: approval and payment. Users can create an account for free in just a few minutes. Those who meet the criteria are approved instantly. It also pays publishers daily, as opposed to other platforms that pay out weekly or monthly.

The tool gives users full control of targeting campaigns, and publishers are welcome from any country.

Ad tags are available for ylliX banners, slides, anchors, push notifications, popups, popunders, tabs, tabs-unders, popups, and popups.

In recent years, ylliX’s high payout rate and flexibility of payment options have gained it popularity. Integration with ylliX can be easily done via their self-serve interface.

This platform has a fill rate of 100% for international.

Minimum payout: $1

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

Good For: Publishers who are looking for an advertising platform with a wide range of campaigns and ads.

11. Sovrn

Sovrn markets itself as an ad-network for independent websites, with a focus on transparency. Sovrn offers flexible bidding, including waterfall bidding, for smaller content creators. This makes switching from AdSense easier. They can then switch to more advanced bidding options, such as header bidding or server-to-server.

Sovrn is a complete solution that allows publishers to outsource their advertising operations. Sovrn will develop customized strategies for optimizing monetization using different types of ads, such as display, video, and native.

Sovrn provides a number of options for integration, such as a WordPress plugin or a JavaScript Tag to integrate easily with websites.

Sovrn allows publishers to also earn money through the affiliate model. The system is similar to Bidvertiser, and it allows advertisers to compete to purchase ad spaces on desirable sites.

Minimum payout: $25

Minimum Traffic Requirements: None

Low-traffic site owners who run CPC and CPI campaigns will benefit from.

12. Mediavine

mediavine offers a complete ad-management platform. It partners with publishers and generates highly targeted advertisements, with an emphasis on lifestyle niches like fashion, DIY projects, finance, or food.

Mediavine is a blog network that was created by bloggers who have experience in publishing and a good understanding of the needs of their audience. This makes it incredibly attractive for bloggers.

Mediavine offers ads in display, native, and video formats. Mediavine’s integration is simple, and it involves adding JavaScript tags to your website.

Mediavine is very strict about the quality of websites to protect an advertiser’s brand and only works with publishers that produce quality content.

Minimum payout: $25

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 50 000 sessions within the past 30 days

Lifestyle Publishers are good for

13. Rapt

Raptive (formerly Adthrive) is a ad-network that accelerates the optimization of ads by encouraging partnerships with companies like Verizon that boost revenue per 1,000 impressions.

Raptive delivers ads to websites using header bidding, which allows for multiple exchanges of advertising to compete against each other in real-time. Raptive allows publishers to run video ads, native ads, and display ads.

Integration involves three steps: submitting an online application, granting access to analytics, and adding code for ads to your website.

Publishers must have a minimum of 100,000 page views per month, the bulk of which comes from the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Publishers can earn 75% of the network’s revenue.

Minimum payout: $25

Monthly page view requirements: 100,000

A good thing for publishers looking to make a profit.

14. Adcash

Adcash, is an online self-serve advertising platform that follows a cost-per-action model. This includes all types of ads, from display ads and video ads to text ads and banners.

Adcash integrates by registering an account, choosing ad formats, and adding the ad codes to your website. Adcash offers plugins for content management systems such as WordPress.

Adcash is notable for its ability to analyze real-time reports on ad performance. This allows publishers and advertisers alike to develop a culture of trust around site monetization.

Minimum payout: $25

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

is good for beginners who prefer CPA models

15. Setupad

Setupad allows multiple bidders on the header of a webpage to compete for available inventory. It has over 31 supply-side partners to achieve this.

It also offers several additional features, such as lazily loading ads to maintain site speed, content recommendations, and adblock-monetization.

Setupad only accepts publishers who have at least 100,000 views per month. Platform benefits include a variety of advertising formats, including interstitials as well as both in-stream and outstream ads.

Publishers can integrate Setupad into their websites by adding a code fragment to the header or body of their site.

Setupad has been used on more than 500 websites worldwide and delivers over 4 billion impressions of ads each month.

Minimum payout: EUR100 ($110)

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 10 000 monthly Page Views

Publishers that want to boost revenue with a bid model will benefit from.

16. PopAds

PopAds specializes in popunders. PopAds boasts a quicker processing method and pays within 24 hours.

PopAds allows for flexible customizations of popunders whenever the audience visits the website. Publishers can choose their bidding rate and decide on the sound of video ads that align with website interest.

PopAds’ low payment thresholds and quick processing of payments make it popular with small- and medium-sized publisher. PopAds integration requires publishers to insert a code into their header or body sections.

PopAds states that it pays publishers $4 per 1,000 US-based visitors. The rates for traffic coming from different countries can vary.

Minimum payout: N/A

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 1000 monthly Visitors

Popunder Ads are good for website owners with low traffic

17. Criteo

Crieo, platform for programmatic advertising, uses its extensive data on purchase and intent to deliver ads that have a higher chance of conversion. The data is derived from a database of more than 750,000,000 daily users and 4 billion products. It also includes 3,500 categories. Then, it uses an AI-based advanced algorithm to extract insights and deliver tailored solutions to their publishing partners.

Criteo is an AdSense replacement that connects premium brands to a brand inventory. It is able to serve different types of ads such as display ads, video ads, and native ads. The ad blockers can be bypassed.

To integrate Criteo into their websites, publishers must add a code fragment to the header or body of their website.

Publift has been using Criteo for a long time and is very satisfied with the results. Criteo is particularly effective in November and December, around Black Friday or Christmas. This is due to the high volume of retargeting campaign conducted.

Minimum payout: $50

Traffic requirements are not specified. The niche of your site and the demographics that make up its audience will determine the traffic requirements.

Retargeting Campaigns for

18. Dianomi

If you are a publisher who wants to target specifically the financial industry, Dianomi may be suited for your requirements. This is a native digital content platform which connects business/financial marketers with an audience of financial enthusiasts who are also interested in valuable content.

The company runs more than 7 billion ads each month, aimed at an audience of businessmen and investors. Dianomi claims to reach a wealthy audience with an average income of $100,000. Videos, articles, guides to buying, product reviews, and information about products are all included in the ads. Each campaign follows a standard of cost per click (CPC).

Dianomi allows publishers to run native advertising, sponsored stories, and promoted content.

It is simple to integrate with websites. All you need to do is place a JavaScript Tag on your website.

Dianomi’s high-quality is evident from the Apple News partnership to display advertisements on iOS devices. The lead management system provides publishers with automated surveys and analysis of a campaign, as well as relevant reporting.

Dianomi has worked with more than 350 publishing companies in the business and financial sector. These include the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. While their market may be small, they are the best in class for this niche. This narrowed market can result in a higher ROI when the ads have a topical focus.

Minimum payout: $10

Monthly page view requirements : Minimum of 250,000 monthly page views

Premium Publishers from the marketing, corporate, lifestyle and financial verticals.


GumGum is distinguished from its competitors by Leverage Verity, a proprietary technology accredited for content analysis by the Media Regulatory Council. GumGum uses this technology to deliver contextualized ads that are not based on past digital footprints, like most platforms, but on predicting future and present behavior.

GumGum is capable of scanning images and videos on the Internet to ensure that ads are integrated in highly visible places.

GumGum says their approach produces seven times the engagement and a brand lift of 37% more than industry averages. In-image advertising and video ads are the network’s main focus. They offer a platform for advertisers to promote their services and products using images and videos. Advertising content should be relevant and engaging to target audiences.

By placing the JavaScript tag onto your website, you can integrate with GumGum’s platform.

GumGum gives publishers a way to share their stories with customers, and to convert those leads into sales. GumGum has over 600,000,000 unique visitors, which makes it a top ad-network. GumGum claims to have over 200 billion impressions per month for its advertising.

Publift’s mobile stick units have been a great success for GumGum, allowing publishers to achieve high CPMs thanks to the ‘wow’ factor and quality of their rich media. The company counts large companies like Canon, Popeye and Sephora among its partners.

Minimum payout: $50

Minimum Traffic Requirements: None

Publishers who want full control of pricing and configuration ads will benefit from

20. Index Exchange

Index Exchange is an independent global ad exchange and network that aims to reduce fragmentation of customer interests across all channels. It does this by offering a single, omnichannel exchange.

Index Exchange allows publishers to set up private marketplaces, giving them greater control over the people who are able to buy advertisements on their website. Publishers can use yield-optimization to increase revenue. The platform also provides a full suite of analytics in real time.

Index Exchange publishers are authenticated, classified and screened before they sell ads to the exchange. This is an AdSense alternative that places a greater emphasis on the vetting of publishers, ensuring quality ads for advertisers as well as publishers.

Publishers must embed the JavaScript code on their website to integrate with Index Exchange.

Index Exchange is one of Publift’s top 5 demand partners. It has one of Publift’s toughest approval processes, but it brings in strong demand. The company processes over 300 billion auctions daily.

Minimum payment Ad Network does not disclose publicly this information

Minimum Traffic Requirements: none

is good for established publishers who want to transact in real-time ad views and have access to premium advertisers

21. Inskin

Inskin offers advanced layout and design assistance. Its tools, which are built on an HTML5 platform, can be used to customize mobile ads, desktop ads, and multimedia ads.

Inskin is known for its ability to deliver creatives with impact that are pleasing on any screen, while still ensuring highly visible CTAs which drive campaign objectives. They reduce the amount of work you have to do in order to prepare ads.

Inskin’s proprietary technology for ad serving can easily be implemented by a tag, or plugin.

Inskin has been found to be particularly useful on desktops where CPMs are often upwards of 20 dollars.

Minimum Payment: The Ad Network does not disclose publicly this information

Traffic requirements for ad networks: Ad network doesn’t publicly reveal this information

Publishers are looking for ads that have a strong visual element. advertisements with an emphasis on the user’s experience.

22. Kargo

Kargo specializes in mobile advertising and delivering better results for premium publishers.

Kargo delivers ads using its mobile-specific formats. These include full-screen ads, ads in the feed, and interactive units. Kargo can be integrated with mobile websites via its SDKs (for iOS and Android) as well as standard ad tag for the mobile web.

Kargo uses the top 70 publishers from the United States to reach users of smartphones. Platform uses dynamic allocation, identity enhancement and sentiment targeting to deliver ad campaigns that increase eCPMs and drive competitive yield. Publishers’ brands are respected and their audiences served.

MOAT is Oracle’s analytics and intelligence cloud platform. It helps Kargo ensure that its inventory has accuracy, quality, and transparency.

Minimum payoutAd Network does not disclose publicly this information

Traffic requirements for ad networks: Ad network doesn’t publicly reveal this information

Premium Publishers are looking for mobile ads.

23. OpenX

OpenXis one of the biggest ad networks among Google AdSense alternative. The programmatic advertising marketplace provides over 34,000 advertisers with access to 1,200 publishers’ ad inventories, and generates 1.8 trillion monthly bids.

OpenX allows publishers to run native, display, and video ads. OpenX integrates into websites via its ad tag, which is easily integrated within HTML code.

OpenX has already begun the shift away from third-party cookies by planning to create deal IDs based on data from its relationships with publishers and OpenAudience. OpenX is already moving away from cookies from third parties. It plans to create deal IDs using data from OpenAudience and its relationship with publishers. These are then traded in private markets through the buyer’s choice of demand-side partner ( DSPI).

Minimum payout OpenX doesn’t disclose this information to the public.

Minimum Traffic Requirements OpenX will not make this information public.

Premium advertisers wanted by heavy traffic websites

24. PubMatic

In 2006, pubmatic launched as a premium Google AdSense replacement. The company currently delivers 100 billion impressions of ads and receives 1.4 trillion bids from advertisers per day.

PubMatic’s ad tags, as well as its SDKs (available for desktop and mobile), integrate with websites. The platform serves ads via its programmatic advertising, including real-time bids, header bidding and options for a private marketplace.

Pubmatic offers a platform for independent publishers and app developers who want to have full control over their advertising. This platform allows advertisers to increase ROI by engaging and reaching their target audience in premium, brand-safe environments.

The Pubmatic platform can be used for private marketplaces. This allows publishers to control access to their advertising space, while at the same time providing advertisers greater transparency regarding the bidding processes.

Minimum payout PubMatic will not disclose this information to the public

Minimum Traffic Requirements: PubMatic will not disclose this information to the public

Real-time bidding, private marketplace and good for.

25. Magnite

Magnite, formerly Rubicon Project, has become the largest independent advertising agency in the world, with a focus on TV, display ads and audio, as well as mobile.

Magnite’s innovative Seller Cloud platform creates a marketplace for trusted buyers and sellers to meet. It is fully automatic and offers numerous benefits to both buyers and sellers.

Every month, the cloud platform registers trillions of transaction. The automated platform allows top publishers to transact business with the largest brands around the globe.

Magnite can integrate with your website through its Ad Tags, and its SDKs (for mobile or desktop).

Magnite has a header bidder which also performs server-side header bidding. It allows for publishers to have more than one advertising network within Magnite. Publishers can improve their earning potential by optimizing ads within Magnite. Magnite, however, is a more complicated AdSense replacement, and will therefore require additional time and resources.

Magnite is consistently one of Publift’s most successful demand partners.

Minimum payoutAd Network does not publicly disclose this information.

Traffic requirements Ad networks does not publicly disclose these information.

Perfect for: Publishers who want real-time analytics and multiple formats of ads

Final thoughts

The list below contains the complete comparison of all AdSense alternatives. These networks offer solutions for developers of mobile apps, making them an excellent alternative to Google AdMob. This guide Google AdMob Vs AdSense will help you understand the differences between them.

Even if you’re happy with AdSense as mentioned earlier, it is worth considering developing an AdSense Plus One strategy. This approach can help you to contextualize your current advertising strategy.

Publift is a digital publisher that helps them get the best out of their ads. Since 2015, it has helped its clients achieve an average of 55% increase in their ad revenues through cutting-edge advertising technology paired with ethical and impartial guidance. Get in touch with us to find out more about Publift’s ability to boost your advertising revenue.


Which Ad Network is the best?

Google AdSense may be one of the most popular advertising networks, but it is not the best network for the majority of publishers. There are several disadvantages, including its strict policies and high minimum payout. Some publishers have criticized its tendency to ban accounts for policy infractions that are not intentional.

What AdSense alternatives will pay more in 2023 than the current ones?

Publift, Mediavine and other AdSense alternatives pay higher than AdSense. It’s a good idea, before considering an AdSense alternative, to ensure that you are using AdSense correctly to maximize your earning potential. To learn more about AdSense growth hacks and best practices, you can check out this detailed guide How to Make Money with AdSense. After you have mastered AdSense it is a great idea to move on to Publift, a partner of higher quality.

What other ways can I earn money besides AdSense?

Publishers should use multiple advertising networks to earn income from other sources than AdSense. To earn commissions, they should consider adding affiliate links to their websites. To diversify your income, you can also explore a readership-based subscription model.

What is the best AdSense alternative in 2023

Mediavine will be one of the top AdSense Alternatives in 2024. The company uses programmatic technology to monetize ads and partners with over 250 publishers. The company has a dedicated team of advertising tech professionals that helps improve revenue, and serves quality ads while minimizing the impact on users’ experience.

Does Publift work better than AdSense?

Publift may offer a more attractive alternative to AdSense, especially for smaller and medium publishers. Publift is a team of experts in optimization and offers a technology that can be customized to meet your specific business needs. This is a one-stop solution for high- and medium-level publishers who want to improve the performance of their website, increase ROI, and boost traffic.

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