Change Your Voice to ANY CELEBRITY with This Free AI


In this article, I will be discussing a fascinating technology that allows you to change your voice in real-time using artificial intelligence. This technology not only lets you speak with any celebrity voice but also allows you to train your own voice. We will explore how to set it up, train voices, and get the perfect results.

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Getting Started To Change Your Voice to ANY CELEBRITY 

To begin, you need to visit a website called and download the software. Currently, it is only available for Windows, but other platforms will be supported in the future. Once installed, you can set your audio input and choose between two modes: recording mode and live mode.

Recording Mode

In recording mode, you can change your voice by selecting from the available options. However, not all voices may be accessible initially. To train new voices, you need to click on ‘train’ and spend credits or coins. The software also offers the option to remove the watermark and choose higher audio quality by upgrading to the beta pro version.

Live Mode

Live mode is designed for streaming and changes your voice in real-time. However, there may be some lag, depending on the settings. You can adjust the slider to balance between lower lag and higher voice quality. It’s important to note that the live mode may have artifacts and lower audio quality compared to the recording mode.

Training Voices

To access a wider range of voices, you can train them using the software. Training voices requires credits or coins, which can be earned by inviting friends, joining the Discord server, or allowing the software to use your computer power to train the meta-model. Once trained, the voices will be activated and available for use.

Creating Your Own Voice

One of the most exciting features of this technology is the ability to create your own voice. You can upload an avatar, choose the language and category, and decide whether to make the voice publicly available or keep it unlisted. After uploading audio files and building the model, you can use your own voice in the software.

Change Your Voice

Concerns and Future Possibilities

While this technology opens up a world of possibilities, it also raises concerns about its potential misuse. It can be used for both good and not-so-good purposes. The technology is constantly evolving, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future. Share your thoughts on this technology and its implications.

More About AI Website Transform Your Voice into Any Celebrity’s is a groundbreaking website that has taken the art of manipulating voices to a new level. It’s a platform that lets users change their voices into those of famous people, which creates a surreal and enjoyable experience. With, it’s possible to make yourself sound like your favorite film singer, star, or other public figure, which makes it an interesting and exciting device for a variety of reasons.

The most appealing feature of is its ability to effectively and convincingly turn your voice into the voice of a famous person. If you’ve ever imagined having the voice of Morgan Freeman, Adele, or even former U.S. President Barack Obama This website offers the ability to bring your fantasy to reality. This technology,, utilizes the potential of artificial intelligence and deep learning, which have dramatically developed in recent years, making this type of voice-to-speech transformation more accurate and easy to access.

Change Your Voice

The procedure for transforming your voice using is relatively straightforward. Users can access the site, which usually offers an easy-to-use interface, and begin the transformation process. Once you’ve landed on the website, it is possible to select from a list of famous people who each have a distinct vocal style. The number of celebrities available is constantly growing, allowing users to choose from a broader selection of voices.

After you’ve selected the person whom you’d like to imitate, you can start talking to your microphone. The site’s AI algorithms evaluate the voice in real time and process it using the model that is associated with the selected persona. When you speak, your result is changed into that of the actor’s voice, resulting in a stunning and sometimes hilarious auditory illusion.

The uses that are available on are incredibly diverse. It’s a great tool to entertain and impersonate. It is a great tool for impersonations and entertainment. can make funny content or even pranks by impersonating famous voices. The ability to change your voice into the voice of an adored persona can provide endless entertainment and fun for your family and friends.

Furthermore, can be a useful tool for creators of content. YouTubers, podcasters and even voiceover artists can make use of this technology to broaden their work and connect with their audience in different and innovative ways. It opens a new world of possibilities to tell stories and develop characters in diverse media projects.

But, it’s crucial to be aware that even though offers an array of thrilling opportunities, it also poses ethical issues. The technology can be misused, resulting in concerns over identity theft, impersonation as well as the spread of false information. The use of the technology in a responsible and ethical manner is essential, and those who use it should take note of implications of their actions.

What lies ahead for is an intriguing one. In the future, as AI advances, technology will improve and improve, we can anticipate even greater accuracy and advanced technology in the process of transforming voices. The platform may extend its services to offer a wider variety of voices, and not just famous people, further increasing its value to users in different sectors.


In conclusion, the ability to change your voice in real-time using artificial intelligence is a remarkable advancement. Whether you want to speak with a celebrity voice or create your own unique voice, this technology offers endless possibilities. However, it’s important to use it responsibly and be aware of the potential consequences. Give it a try, and let your creativity soar!

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