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Today let’s learn how to create a business account on TikTok.
Now what are the benefits of creating a business account? We have many additional options to explore to learn more about our customers.

Accessing Customer Analytics and Preferences:

We could see the analytics of what our customers like and dislike or their preferences. Here we also have access to exclusive sounds wherein we could elevate our TikTok videos with a library of royalty-free sounds.

Elevating TikTok Videos with Exclusive Sounds:

We can use it to create our videos, and since this is exclusive to only people with business accounts, you will have a lot fewer people using that account. You could make it unique to only you.

Creating Unique Videos with a Business Account:

So, first of all, we need to download the tick talk application on our devices and, of course, log into our TikTok account where we want to create a business account.
Once we log into the tick-tock application, head over to your profile; in the lower right corner, we have our TikTok dashboard.

edit vedios with TickTok
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Now to create a business account, all we need to do is to click on the three lines over there on the top and click on settings and privacy. Once you’re over here, we have a bunch of options again, but I want you only to scroll over here if the option to change into a business account is right here on the manage account tab.
All you have to do is Click on the manage account tab, and then we can switch to a business account here.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a Business Account on TikTok:

So, the basic intuition is to click on the button right there, and here we have the option to create a business account.

A bunch of other things over here. We have read all of this, click on next, and we can also choose the category and the topic that we are creating on this TikTok account. In this instance, let’s select anything random, maybe shopping retail, click on next and then we have made our business account right here.

create business account o n twitter
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Now click on Skip, and basically, that’s it. To know that you are done creating your business account, click on the three dots again, and here we have the option to edit our business suit.

This is only available to people currently in a business account; once you see this in your account, you are using a business account.
That’s all for this tutorial.

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