How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers And Earn Money? – Detailed Guide For Beginners!

Earning money from Affiliate marketing when you have a bunch of followers is a thing anyone can do easily. However, Doing Affiliate Marketing without followers is the actual game.

So, If you’ve landed on this page to learn about the tips and tricks to do marketing without followers, then Chill Out And Stick With Us Till The End! Because we’ve compiled the full guidebook on this topic.

How to do Affiliate Marketing without followers, you guys have to go through some steps like Choosing a Niche/Topic on which you’re going to proceed further, Then creating a Blog or Website to get an audience, Giving the UGC Content people want to see on your blog and then paste the Affiliate link here. That’s how you can earn money from starting to zero with no followers.

There are some other steps also that will improve this marketing strategy. Let me Enlighten them for you guys!

What Is Affiliate Marketing? – For Those Who Don’t Know!

Before getting deep down into the solution to this matter, I want you guys to know about the basics of what actually affiliate marketing is. But if you are already familiar with it, then simply jump to the next part.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy to earn money in which a person Promotes and Markets Other Person’s product.

This marketing can be through various procedures like

  • Promoting their product on your Blog
  • Running Ads on your site.
  • Creating UGC (User Generated Content) relevant to their item.
  • Through E-mail marketing, and so on. 
  • Plus, If you’re an Influencer, then simply recommend their product. And at every sale, you’ll get the commission

That’s How the Cycle works with or without the Followers. Now let’s move on to the method in which we’ve to start from being the fresher, without any Followers. Watch This YouTube video for further details about Affiliate Marketing.

How to do Affiliate Marketing without followers– Must Check Them Out One-By-One!

First Of All, Choose A Niche:

Here we go; The First and Foremost step is to Select a niche. A topic on which you’re going to start all of the business. Choose the one which interests you the most. That can be anything from Tech, Health, Cooking, Sports, or anything. 

These are Macro-niches; Dig deep down into them, and here’s a win-win tip for you guys to select a Micro niche. So that there’ll be fewer competitors and thus more chances to get ranked on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Next, Create A Blog/ Website On This Topic:

The very next step is to create a small blog post satisfying all the SEO and User-Friendly requirements. You must know how you can grab a great chunk of an audience through your Content. But being your Digital Friend, I’m mentioning some tips to make your Content one of the Eye-catcher.

make a website for affialte marketing

  • Make sure to stick around the Main Keyword you’re discussing in your Content.
  • Try to write the UGC content, Do write manually and experience all the actual factors.
  • You have to be loyal to the people and let them know every Pro and Con of this product.
  • Use Authentic sources to link with your article and share reviews of this product from other platforms.

That’s how you can improve the format of your Blog on your site and can do affiliate marketing without any hesitation.

Run Ads (Paid Campaigns) Of Their Product On Your Blog Now:

Another best way to get the audience is to run ads on those sources where the Traffic is already present. The basic purpose of making a Blog is to get as much traffic as possible and then promote the product you’ve worked for.

Promote The Product From Influencers (Great Alternative Of Running Ads):

And in case you don’t want the ad to be run on your blog or whatever the reason is, simply find an influencer who has a strong fan following and let him/her market your Product.

It’s also a great source to get followers at your blog and to sell the Product. Keep in mind you’ll get paid when the people buy the Product you’ve linked to your blog. Check Out This Discussion On Quora, where users are talking about the same thing we’ve discussed here.

Email-Marketing Is Also An Option For Affiliate Marketers:

The Game is not over yet; There’s still a pathway that will also bring the audience for you guys, E-mail Marketing. Yes, By outreaching people of the same interest is the actual thing in this whole scenario.

Affiliate marketing by Email

And e-mail marketing is an effective source here. No Doubt it’s a lengthy procedure, but it’ll extract audience for you. Put the grabbing and user-engaging lines in that minimal mail and let the audience be fascinated by your mail.

That’s All! You’ve successfully created a whole network to Grab, Convince, And Sale your product for the affiliate program you’ve created.

How To Get Paid From The Affiliate Marketing Without Followers? – The Core Of The Whole Process!

Now the main part comes, Getting paid from this process.
So, Now We know that To get paid from Affiliate marketing without having any followers needs a whole system to be created, which we’ve listed above in detail, and a bunch of traffic.

After doing all that process step-by-step, Whenever someone clicks and then Buys that product to whom you’ve linked the source at your blog, you’ll get a commission.

For Example, You’ve made a blog post on Laptop and sourced the affiliate link to Amazon; then, whenever someone clicks over the link, you’ve pasted it in your article and purchased that Laptop. You’ll get a specific amount of commission you’ve contracted for.


So, in the end, Yes, it is possible to run the affiliate program without having a single follower.

But it all just needs a specific procedure like getting a topic first, then running a successful blog, trying to get an audience over your blog through E-mail marketing, Running paid campaigns, and creating User Generated Content.

You can go through the article efficiently to run an excellent affiliate business and can check out the links we’ve inserted for your help and better understanding. So, feel free to Implement and Start your Journey!


Q1. Can You Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing Without A Following?

Yes, of course! You can definitely make money through affiliate marketing without having a single follower. It just takes your hard work and a few technical steps that we’ve mentioned above to run the cycle flawlessly.

Q2.How Much Should I Get Paid From The Commison In Affiliate Marketing?

It depends upon the Product you’re Selling and the number of sales you’ve made. Furthermore, it also relays upon the Platform to which you’ve contracted the affiliate program. So, I just can’t make a specific statement here.

Q3.Which Online Platforms Supports The Affiliate Marketing Program?

Although there are so many platforms but some of the most popular ones are mentioned below.
Click Bank.

Q4.Is It Compulsory To Create A New Blog Post For The Affiliate Marketing?

No! It’s not necessary to take a startup from the dead beginning because you’ve another option to buy the running blog/ website, having already built traffic to run the process fastly. But it just needs a great investment.

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