How to Promote your Business with Giveaway Ideas

Giveaways can help in increasing sales, growing your social media followers, getting local businesses involved, and much more.

Business-related giveaways are a fantastic opportunity to interact with your existing customers and attract new ones at the same time. This is particularly true in the case of a strong following on social media or wanting to expand the one you already have.

Implementing the best business giveaways allows you to increase your brand’s reach with a fun approach. It’s also not perceived as a blatant marketing campaign, as some of the traditional methods of advertising can. They don’t appear like a transactional process, even if you’re hoping to obtain something like the email addresses of your friends or social following in exchange for entry.

Additionally, a giveaway for your business can assist you in achieving many objectives in your marketing such as advertising your products and services, engaging with new customers, growing the size of your mailing list, engaging with followers on social media, or networking with other local companies.

How to Promote your Business with Giveaway Ideas


The sweepstakes ‘ premise is straightforward each participant has a chance to participate by completing any action that your company takes, like providing your email addresses or connecting to your social media accounts Then, you select winners within a set period of time. The prize must be associated with your company, such as a prize that is free or a service offered by your company.

The sweepstakes you choose to run can be an in-person event, which is when people visit your storefront in person and place their name in an empty bowl, or via your social media accounts.


A raffle in the store could allow a patron to enter a raffle to be the winner when they complete a certain act during a specified time frame. It could involve buying a product, carrying their own reusable bag, opting to use paperless receipts, following your social channels, signing up for your email list, or even referring a new customer.

The ability to allow multiple entries could help increase sales for your company. The amount you offer is up to you. Maybe it’s a reduction on their next purchase or a gift card that they can choose from up to a set price.

Photo contest

For this idea of a digital giveaway, you can ask your customers to snap photos of your products and post the images on social media.

You can choose a random winner or your most popular post to be the winner. Be sure that when they post their photos, they’re also tagging your company and following your page so that you can keep track of submissions, and thus your business will benefit from engagement.

Surprise coupon

Give customers a coupon surprise, meet them in person when they visit your shop, or send them an email to motivate them to make a purchase. Customers can also be provided with coupons that offer a discount on their next purchase to encourage them to return.


A questionnaire or quiz for your clients is a fantastic method to learn the things your customers appreciate or dislike about your company, what they would like to see improved in the future, and to offer suggestions for new products or services.

As a way to thank them for the time they spent, you can offer a discount on the next purchase, a complimentary service, or another incentive.

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Need help deciding on an appropriate name for your new product, a mascot for your company, or a brand’s campaign? Ask customers to throw their ideas in the mix, whether in person or via social media. You will get new ideas for your company, and in return, you may give a free item or gift card to those who have the most successful idea.

A free product is included with the purchase

Giving customers a discount when they make a purchase could increase sales for your company. Corporate-branded merchandise such as a bag, water bottle, or tote bag is a fantastic incentive to reward customers for their purchases while aiding in spreading the word about your business.

Get the most out of offers

If you’re looking for creative ways for customers to come and engage with your business, you might consider designing a wheel with a variety of benefits that people can spin to discover the reward. It is possible to give away a portion of the services or products the business provides, or even an offer for a gift card or coupon to be used on the purchase. Small, branded items are an alternative.

How to Promote your Business with Giveaway Ideas

Choose the platform you want to use

The choice of whether you host the giveaway on your own or through digital methods will depend on your budget, goals, and the behavior of your customers. If, for instance, you’re looking to grow your following and followers, you’ll need that your contest be featured on the platform.

If you’re beginning to grow your business, it could be beneficial to collaborate with a small business for an exchange of prizes. This cross-promotion exposes your brand’s name to a new audience and will help you gain followers.

It is also possible to use a third-party website for giveaways to facilitate online giveaways, if you do not want to utilize social media sites or have a brick-and-mortar store. These sites can help you host your giveaway or even help you collaborate in other giveaways.

If you’re looking to boost visitors to your shop by giving away prizes in person, then an in-person event is the best option. One benefit is that you don’t need to cover the cost of shipping any prizes or other promotional products to the winners, and they’ll leave your store carrying their prize.

Pick the entry conditions

Determine what actions you want customers to do with your company, create your giveaway around the idea. If you’re looking to boost sales, for example you could consider offering giving away a gift when you purchase. Other possibilities could include:

  • I recommend a friend to your company.
  • I signed up for your marketing emails.
  • Be sure to follow the social media channels of your company.
  • Tag others in the comments section of your post. Tag your friends in the comments.
  • of an item or interaction with your company and tag your company.
  • Reposting content of your brand’s to their accounts.
  • Sharing your business’s posts on Facebook.

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Be aware of the rules

Your company’s giveaway, particularly when it’s on the internet, requires the terms and conditions of entry for participants. They can be drafted using templates that are available online. However, you’ll need to ensure that they’re accessible for the participants to go through. If your business has an official site for its business, you might want to host the conditions and terms there and direct people to the page through your social media pages.


This article outlines the advantages of organizing business giveaways and offers a variety of giveaway ideas to entice customers and draw new customers. The writer suggests raffles, sweepstakes photo contests, surprise coupons, quizzes, competitions, free items with purchases, and spin-the-wheel offers as possible giveaway options.

The article also provides guidelines for executing an effective giveaway, including choosing the best platform, determining the entry requirements, and incorporating the conditions and terms. The article focuses on how giveaways can assist businesses in achieving their marketing goals and increasing their reach to the public, both engagingly and entertainingly.

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