How to Write Articles and Get Paid

Today in this article, I’m just going to show you how you can earn real money from writing an article. If you have some spare time, and you want to earn some extra cash, for example, you are really good at writing an article, I will show you where you can sell your article and make money.
For those writers who want to set up their blog and write an article, It’s very beneficial for them to earn lots of money because you know if you are good at writing articles, producing an original article, and you set up a blog then you can attract people to visit your blog and of course, in that blog, you will have advertisements all over the place on your page, and you’ll earn money.

Making Money through Article Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

However, if you do not want to set up a blog because that will take time and you just want to write an article and Sell it, I’ll show you one place where you can do that.
Here is a website called Content Gathering. The difference between Content gather, Fiverr high writers, and is that there you will have to compete with other people; for example, because many of you will post your ability, you can write an article, and then people will hire you to write an article for them. Still, this one you can write whatever you want, and the good thing here is a marketplace.
Let’s say you have written an article related to finances or related to education or whichever your specialty is; then you can just simply post your article there. You will just wait until someone buys your article.

How to Monetize Your Writing Skills: Selling Articles Online:

Here is a tip I have for you: you can go for a category that does not have many articles for sale, for example, economy.
When you check the economy, there is not much competition, just two articles ready for someone to buy. And look at the pricing like you will set your price.
For example, in the article, what are the impacts of urban sprawl? That’s 0.03 per word, written just 436 words, and immediately, you can sell your article at 13.8.
You can write an article of 500 words or up to 1,000 and make it at 0.02 okay. That way, you can easily sell your article.
If you need assistance Writing a good article, there is this website called It’s completely free and will assist you in producing a great article, so you just need to follow the format that I’m always showing you on how to produce a great article, let’s say
For example, if you want to write an article about Decorating a tiny house, let’s say that’s your blog idea.
So let’s get some topic out of that. These are the five ideas that I showed you, and you could use one of these ideas.

  1. How to decorate a tiny house on a budget.
  2. 10 creative ways to decorate a tiny house.
  3. How to decorate a tiny house for a small budget.
  4. How to decorate a tiny house for a big budget.
  5. How to decorate a tiny house for a unique style.
    I think I should take the ten creative ways to decorate a tiny house. So once you have your topic, you can now start.

Content Gathering: The Marketplace for Article Writers:

If you click on blog tools or blog ideas, we are here in black ideas to suggest a blog headline. You can skip that step because this idea alone can be a good headline. Now we go to blog outline, so we take this as the idea, go to blog outline and then put that one there.
Okay, so this will generate the structure of your article, right? So out of these outlines, you can generate a high-quality article that you can sell in content gathering.
What I like about this content gathering is that it has a marketplace where you just write an article whichever how many times you want to write an article. Once you have, like, say, five or ten articles, you can sell them directly here in the marketplace.
So my tip again is to choose a category with fewer articles written, such as economy see, media, Communication, see television, weird and interesting.

Writing for Profit: Where to Sell Your Articles and Make Money:

So people gather here to buy an article ready to be posted on their blog, and you don’t have to worry about waiting for a client to hire you and write an article for them. You can do this directly once a day, like two or once or twice a day. Do this every day for one week and let your article rest here in the content gathered, and people will come here and buy your articles for sure.

The Textify: Your Free Tool for Crafting Great Articles

If you do this consistently, I’m telling you, you can get sales.
There is no limit on how much you can write or how many articles you can list for sale at the content gathering, so that’s a good feature.
So you can just sign up here for free as a writer, and once your account is approved, you can now easily post your Articles.
Just make sure you read this guideline and start using if you need assistance writing an article. It’s free, totally free.
You will have 50 credits per day; it’s good enough to write at least three articles.
Just like I told you, start with blog ideas. You can skip headlines, or if you want to catch a headline, use this and then blog outline and make sure you save these outlines when you start writing and are composing the body of your post.
After this outline comes to compose a blog paragraph, just paste your outline.
Ensure you have an introduction and a conclusion to start and end your article. So after you’ve written a nice article, do a small edit, okay, and then sell it here directly in content gathered in their marketplace.
That way, you can easily collect articles sold here and start making money. I think this tip is helpful for you, so again, if you have free time to write one to two articles, just post them here at the content gathering.
And someone could easily get there to purchase your article, and you earn good money.
I hope this helps; you can do well by checking on other posts to help you out.
Thanks for Reading.

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