Best Way to Earn From Typing Online for Free – Typing for Cash

One of the best ways to earn online is through Transcription and Translation services.

If you want to learn more about typing jobs means typing for cash and make it your main side hustle. consider earning up to one thousand dollars per week by turning short audio and video recordings into text. Fortunately, many internet businesses pay a lot for this easy task.

This organization is looking for aspiring typists and transcribers who take pride In their work to grow their team. The online company pays competitive rates for transcription jobs from 10 to 36 dollars per audio hour. One such Website is Transcript.


Beginners can make over 150 dollars per month without followers, and experts may earn over one thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars monthly. You can quickly receive your weekly payouts via PayPal for all your transcription work. An excellent feature of this website is that you can also type or translate Into other languages, including Arabic, Danish, French, German, Japanese, and many more. 

You can sign up at go transcript to join their global community of professional transcriptionists.

Daily Transcription:

Daily Transcription is an us-based online portal that offers transcription and translation services. The organization operates in the USA and Canada. The company claims to pay you higher rates than its top rivals, including rev scribe and others. The website weekly pays for the assignments.

The payment for a transcription project varies from ten dollars to thirty-five dollars. However, expert transcriptionists can make approximately three hundred and fifty dollars to nine hundred and fifty dollars in a week, so if you drive around one thousand dollars in your pocket by the end of every month, daily transcription fits the bill for you.

You can join the daily transcription team And access all your earnings through PayPal. Another one is explained below.

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This website offers transcription and subtitle services all in one platform. The organization functions in various countries, including the UK, USA, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Kenya, the Philippines, and many more; interestingly, happy scribe enhances your workflow through their keyboard shortcuts that enable you to proofread Your documents even quicker. The website offers both free and paid auto-transcription software. The cost of paid software is exceptionally reasonable.

It costs you around 20 cents per minute and is 85 percent accurate. The website pays you 0.90 euro per minute, equal to 92 cents. This way, you can earn over 55 dollars for every hour of work at the happy scribe.

An average transcriber at happy scribe can make about 450 euros, equivalent To 458 dollars per month.

On the contrary top transcribers make around 3,000 euros, equal to 3,056. Your earnings at happy scribe primarily rely on the language you decide to transcribe and the availability of jobs if you commit more time to Happy Scribe.

happyscribe Paypal:

Happy Scribe is an innovative transcription and subtitling service that offers efficient and accurate solutions for converting audio and video files into written text. With its user-friendly platform, Happy Scribe allows users to upload their files in various formats, and through advanced algorithms and human-proofreading, it ensures a high level of transcription accuracy.

Additionally, Happy Scribe provides multilingual support, enabling users to transcribe content in over 119 languages. The service is widely used by professionals, businesses, researchers, and content creators to save time and effort in converting spoken content into written form. Payments for Happy Scribe services can be conveniently made through PayPal, adding to the platform’s accessibility and convenience for a diverse global audience.

Top-Rated Typist:

You can become one of their top-rated typists and want to earn by typing. So in this article, I have talked about the top reliable online websites. That connect you with a global community of clients that have a steady stream of typing projects waiting for you. Whether you are an experienced typist or just a beginner numerous online websites are brimming with job opportunities.

These jobs aren’t as high paying means get paid for typing or preferred full-time employment but are a great source of side income. As a typist you will always have something to work on with new transcription jobs every day. If you are a finance enthusiast you Should definitely watch out for this space to make money as your side hustle. And if you want to know more about how to make money online then check out our other Articles. Thanks for Reading, and I will meet you in the next post.

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